Mobile trends have been the buzzword in the marketing world for quite some time. China has almost covered mobile payments in main cities. At the same time in North America, PayPal cites data from Forrester Research predicting that mobile payments will bring in $90 billion by 2017.

According to the “Global Location Trends Report” launched at SXSW, 75% of 253 global marketers, including Starbucks, BMW, and Coca-Cola, believe that location-based marketing will play a crucial role in their businesses this year. The report also went on to reveal that all location technologies including beacons, Wi-Fi and GPS, are set to grow by double digits – 63% of marketers plan to invest in Wi-Fi, 57% in GPS, about 41% plan to invest in beacons in 2016.

Many forward-thinking brands have been busy getting on this bus, seeing higher revenues due to the mobile trends. One typical example is a Manhattan-based ice cream store, Van Leeuwen. It provided users with mobile payment options and used this feature to track the location of the user via the PayPal app. As a part of this campaign, customers were required to install the PayPal app on their mobile device and link it to their PayPal account. Once that is done, the app used geolocation to detect when a consumer was near a Van Leuween store and enticed them in-store with special offers and deals. Users were then allowed to place an order and pay for their treats via the mobile app. Let’s see what’s innovative about and what are the pluses and minuses.

Being a Blood Donor.png

Mobile trends are not fashion fads, they are big lifestyle changes from our time to our parents’ time. Historically speaking, there were gold, silver, paper cash, credit cards, and now PayPal and Venmo; there were letters, telegraphs, emails, flash disks and now mobile beacons. Mobile trends represent an era and have a considerable longevity.

Those who succeed are the people who adopt first. I’ve already recommended the right things to do, now it’s your turn to make a change and catch the bus of upward sales!


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